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tv   Matter of Fact With Soledad O Brien  NBC  October 1, 2017 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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jamie: hi, i'm jamie. i'm rich. and we're at our house in ridgewood, new jersey. we met at college in fairfield. we were friends for most of college, although he says that i was-- had my eye on him. she was watching me. she slow played it. it was actually pretty tactical, i guess you can say. we started dating at the right time. haven't looked back since. hey, can you say bye to daddy? love you, buddy. bye. rich: anybody who knows jamie knows she's the type woman that walks into a room, and the room lights up.
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she's my best friend. she's the rock that holds it all together. you want mommy to put it on again? - yeah. - [inaudible]. this means mommy's in charge of the whole house. rich: we work well together. jamie: yeah. jamie and i go together like bert and ernie. maybe that's not the best description. peanut butter and jelly. stop saying that. hamburger. jamie: rich is just the most amazing guy. he'll do anything for anybody at any time. he loves to help people. he's a fireman, so he gives up his life for other people just in his line of work. george: the englands are college sweethearts who selflessly give back to their friends, their family, their community. jamie: we moved here in july of 2011. we were running out of space, and we know we wanted to live in the suburbs, buy a house, grow our family. what are you doing there, richie? it wasn't me. jamie: who was it? it was a bad guy. jamie: we have two boys.
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richie is just the funniest, greatest . kid he makes us laugh every day. he's a little character-- is the best way to describe him. jamie: say rawr. rawr! rich: rawr. jamie: mason-- he's just the most sweet, amazing little boy that you'll ever meet. and even though he doesn't speak, you know, you could just feel the way that he loves you when you play with him. there's my smile. george: mason was diagnosed with autism back in 2013, and although he faces significant developmental challenges, rich and jamie are doing everything they can to help him reach his full potential. jamie: when you first get that diagnosis, you have that moment of just sadness, confusion. you have no idea what lies ahead and what you're going to do, and then it's like, this is my kid. at the end of the day, he might have the label or the diagnosis of autism, but he's still my son. and where's the apple? george: jamie has put her career on hold to take care of mason
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and to be an advocate for autism awareness. and rich has taken on a second job just to help with the cost of therapy. jamie: we had to be strong for him. he's really entered into our world, but we've also entered into his. george: jamie and rich maintain a warm and loving home, but they are definitely in need of a safe space for their active boys. rich: i love this house because it's our first home-- hopefully our last home. you know, we've made great memories here. the boys grew up here. now they keep growing, and we're just run out of space. jamie: particularly mason has a lot of sensory needs that need to be met-- running, you know, maybe swinging, jumping. george: from what i know, their basement has potential, but it's-- it's not something they can tackle on their own. rich: our basement as it currently is-- it's more or less a laundry room. it's gloomy. it's dark. it doesn't have any signs of life or vibrancy.
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today just happens to be mason's sixth birthday, and we are going to make it one that he and his family never forget. high five. mason works so hard every day to do things that come so simply to other kids, and so to see him get a space for himself that he loves and makes him so happy-- it would just make my whole life and make his whole life. it would mean the world to us. [knocking] hey, what's up, guys? surprise. jamie: oh my god. i heard it's masons birthday, so, you know, instead of coming out of cake i just thought i'd show up at the front door. are you serious? i didn't know you were coming. george: well that's the point of the surprise. oh my god. so i understand you guys got a basement that needs a little bit of work. - we do. - a lot of work. what a feeling. you know, you see stuff like that on tv,
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and you always wonder how people are-- why they're reacting like that. it's reality, man. it's crazy. it's a big day for you now. what a birthday present. what a birthday present. happy birthday, mason.
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i had to get the band back together, so i'm bringing in veterans rob tell and tyler whistler. rob actually-- i don't know who paid him off, but he decided that he was going to work with me again. god help him, because he knows what he's in for. so this is the england's basement. truly a blank slate. i'm a little scared saying this, but literally the world is your oyster, tyler. whatever you want to do with this space for mason and richie. don't tempt me with things like that. so the basement right now is a little akin to sort of a holding cell. rob: it's just cinder block, cement floors. what we need to do is soften it up,
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get some lighting down there. let's definitely tailor to what is best for mason. yeah, absolutely. i mean there's so many possibilities to this place, and i know that rob is willing to do anything that i say, so that makes it even better. george: what i love about rob and tyler is, you know, we've got the anchor and the balloon. if you don't have tyler tethered to something, he'll just float on off into the ozone, and rob is very pragmatic. who knows what kind of craziness you guys will come up with? is this a trick question? it's all good. i know we can always trust tyler for something interesting that we have to figure out how to implement it. you're welcome. which is great for me, because i can kind of ride the line. i'm a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. there's really no demo. it's basically just framing, so birch lumber's got all our materials. let's go get this project started. don't hit the camera guys, all right?
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they may not talk much, but they're here. so while rob and george are downstairs framing out the basement, i'm going to go poke around upstairs, get a personality read on the family. people often underestimate, you know, what kind of noise makes ear damage. so my gift to you-- hearing protection for everybody. you know, where-- where did tyler go? rob: i don't know. i haven't seen him in a little bit. we better find him because-- george: i think i may have scared him with the demo. --last time he-- he made a lot more projects for us. george: the idea that tyler is loose in the england house with that creative mind of his-- that's dangerous. tyler? you better not be up here making more work. george: taking a nap? what er you doing, buddy? well, we found tyler just making himself at home
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in the england's bedroom. this room looks fine. tyler: it does not look fine. we need to do something about this. george: tyler decided that jamie and rich-- they needed a new master bedroom. come on. come on. we can put doors. tyler: there's a lot of chocolate brown-- rob: lot of brown. --happening. rob: yeah. and i don't know why. i know we've been tasked with doing the basement, but going up to the bedroom i really feel like we give the parents a little oasis of their own. - i'm in. - what are you thinking? yeah? - come up with a plan. don't let me wander around the house and think that nothing is going to happen. announcer: "george to the rescue" is sponsored in part by 3m. for more information about 3m products or to find a retailer near you, go to
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being away from home has been hard, but we're staying at the residence in saddle river, and they have been fantastic. everybody there is so nice. slide. there you go. nice move, dude. richie says that george and the basement men are fixing our basement. that's what he's been telling everybody. there you are. ah, he emerges. we're definitely anxious to know what's going on down there. we know it's going to be amazing. can't wait to see the finished product. wow, this place is really coming along. looks good, right? i love these little triangle lights you got right here. you haven't even seen the amount of colors that i've chosen for this. more or less this basement's all about fun. so i really want it to be lively, energetic, and just speak volumes with color. i love the way your brain works, tyler. - don't touch the hair. - sorry i won't touch the hair. don't touch the hair. george: because we're going on dry wall, we're going to use the delicate surface tape.
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so i am merely your taper, and you are my sensei. you lead the way. hey, george. yeah, what's up? so i was just in the kitchen, went to open the door, cabinet door just fell off. can't leave the england family with a kitchen like this. you-- you want to rip the kitchen out? yeah, i think we have to. george: tyler's going to freak out if [inaudible] that kitchen. - i know. why don't we not tell him? genius. absolute genius. we'll go in. we'll just start ripping it out. - destroy it. - he'll go crazy. my hair [inaudible]. tyler is not going to like this. he's-- a kitchen is a lot of work. there's a lot of detail in it. waiting to see how he reacts when george just knocks the cabinet door off is going to be priceless. right. and what's the heart of the home? tyler: the heart of the home really is the kitchen,
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but we're not-- we're not going to do a kitchen. keep moving. look at this kitchen. stop. ah! we're the kitchen. we're doing the kitchen! we're doing the kitchen! what did i do to you guys that i deserve this? i don't even know what's going on. i hate you guys. huh? but i love you guys, but i hate you guys. home is where the heart is. kitchen's the heart of the home. no, i'm not even going to think of him the same way or any of you folks the same way anymore. why are we doing this to me? what's going on? george: we got him. we got tyler. he did not see this one coming. tyler, this is payback for all the times that you've surprised me. i-- i-- so, all joking aside, the englands
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really do need a kitchen. it was a little dated, falling apart. and that's how you demo a kitchen. check that box. we're adding it to the list. that's why it's good to have great people with big hearts on the rescue. my hat is off to-- to rob and tyler, because i know he's going to come around. before you tackle that next paint project, make sure you have the proper tape to protect your surface and get great results the first time. check out scotchblue's full line of painter's tape to tackle any project. to learn more about scotchblue's products or find a retailer near you, go to
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so we've arrived here in staten island at the island sensory shop. i'm going to go check out a bunch of cool tactile things for mason to play with. these are cool. so the great thing about all of these developmental toys and sensory objects is that they're kind of just fun in general. i think the boys might get a kick out of these.
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you know, richie is going to love the things too. and we are fixing this whole basement, and that means everything including this old stairway. we've actually added this nice railing, but make sure that it's nice and smooth. we don't have any splinters, any rough edges. i got my 3m pro-grade precision ultra flexible sanding sheets. what i like about it is that you can roll them. you can fold them. they are clog resistant. wet, dry, what have you. what did you order? i mean, do we-- i don't think we have enough room for all of this stuff. don't worry your pretty little head about the amount of boxes. grandin road has been super generous and supplied us with everything that we could use for the master bedroom, as well as the playroom. all right, here.
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tyler let's just-- let's do an assembly line. i haven't finished my coffee yet, so. oh, my-- george and-- it's box-a-geddon part two! it's safe to say that rob, and tyler, and myself-- we are a unique trio, kind of like the three musketeers. not too three stoogey. little three amigos. oh, there's the door that i was trying to miss. night and day. it's kind of crazy that we didn't expand the square footage in this bedroom because it feels way bigger than it was. i am so happy with the way this turned out. just with the addition of molding and the simple coat of paint-- george: yep. tyler: --it's really transformed the space. so really what this bedroom was all about was sort of a boho chic vibe, but still not to the point where it gets overly feminine for dad. i love the [inaudible] and the whole winter treatment from beacon interiors. tyler: well, i really wanted to lighten up the windows.
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they had these blackout shades, but they were dark chocolate brown, and they were just overwhelming. i really want this to be a place for the parents to have their own oasis to step away and just, ah, at the end of the day. george: on a rescue it always starts from the ground up, and ridgewood's own hallmark floor company came in huge with the ultra soft carpet in the basement and then the beautiful new floors for the kitchen. all right, there we are. hey, rob. there you are. thanks, george. if you could just grab all those boxes and dispose of them. that'd be awesome. you're awesome. george: lesson learned. never question tyler whistler when it comes to painting a basement a dark color, because actually i'm feeling a lot of color popping down here. that's one of the great design tricks with dark colors-- is blacks, really, really dark charcoal grays-- anything that you put in front of it becomes the star.
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george: "george to the rescue" is all about bringing great people together, and we're very excited to be teaming up with another tv show that does the same thing. the "ellen" show generously donated a tv to the england's basement, which i know the family will put to good use for years to come. what's next, tyler? ball pit. specifically tailored to mason-- it's very tactile, very sensory oriented. george: now, sometimes tyler can be all work and no play, but if we're going to make absolutely sure that this basement is kid-proof, we're going to have to do some testing. whoa. tyler: we're supposed to be building a ball pit, but instead george is throwing the balls everywhere else but in the pit. ow! george: i don't when the last time i played in a ball pit was, and to have one literally right here on the rescue. you can ask anybody. it's been hard to get me out. let's-- let's fill it-- no!
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so i'll just be in here. just don't hit me in the face, all right? too many of those shots. ah! [inaudible] all right, ball pit's done. definitely kid approved. rob: i really think the england's are going to love the project that we did. they were expecting a basement. they're getting a basement, a kitchen, a new master bedroom, and i think they're going to really enjoy it. are you ready to come home? what? what did you guys do to the kitchen? not just something you can see or touch. a feeling.
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it's the place where you feel safe to have those little moments that mean everything. at adt, we believe that feeling should always be there. whether it's at your house, or your business, we help keep you safe. so you can have those moments that make you feel at home. ♪you are loved wherever you are.
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what's up, richie? give him a hug. how's it going, buddy? thanks for the hug. jamie: hi. you guys ready to see what we did? jamie: we're really ready. - i think richie's ready to go. he's already-- he's already at the front door, so. jamie: are you ready, bud? richie, lead the charge. are you ready to come home? what?
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rich: oh my-- what did you guys do to the kitchen? when we got home, we expected to see the basement. then we walk in, and in order to get to the basement, you have to walk through the kitchen, which was completely redone. amazing job. new appliances. painted. oh my god. nice. look at that kitchen. rich: it's just a whole new house. it was amazing. can you stop laughing? i'm just so excited. george: you want to go downstairs? - you want to see the basement? - yeah. you want to see the basement? all right, let's go. lead the way. rich: all right. oh my god, the stairs. wow. jamie: you fixed the stairs. look at this basement.
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oh my god. it's perfect. look at the ball pit. this is amazing. jamie: when we first came down and i just saw lights, and colors, and amazing furniture, and then the ball pit, which mason went right into and was so happy-- look at the smile on his face now. mason, you have your own ball pit. richie: i'm going into the ball pit. jamie: being down here and seeing all of these sensory toys that mason will really enjoy, but there's also some really cool pillows everywhere, lots of colors. you guys, this is amazing. i don't even know what to say. i mean, for a kid that works so hard and struggles so much to, like, have a place where he can have fun, it's just-- it's awesome. this is an amazing basement. george: you guys are just amazing parents, and you being a fireman, giving back to the community, and you, you know, quitting your job to be an advocate for autism, and we thought that your master bedroom could
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use just a little sprucing up. so, uh-- there's more? you guys want to go back to [inaudible] a door. oh my god. this is-- wow. you guys, i can't believe you did this. i was still in shock from the kitchen and the basement, and then for him to tell us that they did our bedroom-- it was completely unexpected. how light and beautiful it is, and how pretty the bed is, and the decorations. i didn't even notice that. so pretty. just that it's like a place for us. yeah. we don't have a place. richie: when are you going back to the basement? yeah, right? basement's a good time. this "george to the rescue" experience has been from start to finish the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to us. just the fact that all these people took
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their time out of whatever they were doing to make this space for him-- like, they changed his life, and i really hope that they know that. i mean, this is life-- this is life changing for him. [cheering] to say it is life changing is an understatement. thank you so much, and thank you so much. thank you. [cheering]
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